Who are We?

Maugle Data Processing Center (MDPC) was established August 17, 2015 as an Offshore Data Processing Business specifically catering to Australian and international clients via managed operations and services from Manila, Philippines for the Freight and Customs industry.

We started with 3 and are now 130 Staff in partnership with 21 clients from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and The Netherlands.

At MDPC, we are your trusted offsite partner in fulfilling your operational strategic goals to comprehensively service your clients so that your own high-performance staff can focus on the core business areas that truly count like client interactions, sales and business growth.

We offer cost effective, transparent, reliable, confidential and sustainable Offsite Solutions to your Operational Processing needs.

Equipped with vast experience covering all aspects of customs, warehousing, accounts, transport & freight forwarding integrated with our expertise in managing our offshore operations, including staff payroll, hiring, engagement, training and overall operational management.

MDPC will help you achieve your business goals faster and in turn give you that competitive edge!


Why Work With MDPC

There is plenty of competition in this space, there are companies performing similar services at a cheaper rate. We are not and will never be the cheapest option out there as our fees factor in many things which we believe separates MDPC Services from the rest…

Importance of Offshoring

It’s a statistical fact that by outsourcing some of your businesses work functions, you can save approximately 70%-80% per person when you are adding up all the operational costs to have a staff member on your team domestically.

These costs can be wages, office spacing requirements, and other government related commitments that companies are responsible for paying…

How It Works?

From initial consultation to full implementation.

  1. Planting the Seed
  2.  Initial Consultation
  3. Mapping of Procedures / Draft SOP
  4. Finalisation of SOP
  5. Implementing Role
  6. Established Ongoing Role

SERVICES Specialised Service, Partnership Quality

Data Entry

Posting of Invoices (AP, AR, CTO, Warehouse and Transport Invoices)

Job Registration

Consol/Shipment Registration, Brokerage Job Registration – Edocing paperwork

Pricing Updates

Updating of shipping line rates into the client’s operational system


To be viewed, respected, and appreciated as an integral, reliable, transparent, efficient,  and Trusted Partner by all our clients. We never wish to be viewed as just another 3rd party service provider that is easily replaced.


To mould formidable partnerships with our clients by doing things right the first time, always evolving to the right direction where our products sell itself with proven hard work, dedication, accuracy, transparency, accountability, and the willingness to always adapt and accept new challenges our clients may afford us.

OUR CORE VALUES Find reasons to choose us as your offsite partner

Operational Excellence

  • We put emphasis on making sure that we deliver the tasks accurately, promptly and in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement and consider every opportunity as a growth and learning experience.
  • We make sure that our processes can adapt to the ever-changing business environment of our clients.

Employee Focused

  • We take great care of our employees as they are a part of the MDPC family and the single most important asset that we have.
  • We make sure that there is a realistic balance between work and life.
  • We value their contribution, seek their suggestions, and are included in our decision making.
  • We ensure that they are provided with the knowledge they need to effectively perform their job and are equipped with cross training abilities and the ability to train newly recruited staff.
  • Employees are rewarded frequently for their efforts and as they progress within MDPC including promotions wherever possible within their teams.


  • We work with the mindset that we are accountable for our actions.
  • We take responsibility for our mistakes, and make sure that corrective actions are put in place to ensure that errors are minimized, if not eliminated, by training, updating notes and standard operating procedures.

Trusted Partner

  • We treat confidentiality with utmost importance.
  • We strictly protect confidential information and keep all confidentiality agreements protected for sustainable business partnerships that do not lead to serious legal breach.
  • We are not just a third-party service provider.  We are a partner. We partner with our clients in fulfilling their operational strategic goals. Doing so propels their business and gives them a competitive edge against their competition.


    • We collaborate with all clients and their employees.
    • We build strong relationships with the people that we work with.
    • We embrace all client visits and ensure that clients feel at home.
  • We celebrate success together. We participate in activities that express physical, social, mental, and spiritual awareness.

How It Works? From Initial Introduction to Full Implementation Process

The initial contact with the potential client and future partner. This involves demonstrating the benefits of outsourcing and, in particular, outsourcing with MDPC. This also includes follow up communications.

Client has agreed that outsourcing will be beneficial to their business. Serious discussions between the client and MDPC to target areas of potential outsourcing.

MDPC will be involved with assisting the client to prepare the draft SOP. It is then reviewed by MDPC management and sent back to client for final amendment. Trained staff is prepared for the upcoming role.

Final SOP has been received and intended start date established. Role is ready to start.

MDPC will commence with the new role. Heavily managed and guided by the management team. This process will also involve tweaking the SOP as new information is received.

This stage will represent the complete implementation of the new role. Your offsite staff member will be 100% independent from MDPC management’s oversight.

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