Why Work With MDPC Premium Service. Partnership Quality.

While we acknowledge the existing competition in this arena, we wish to highlight that our organisation is not a run-of-the-mill staffing provider. We take pride in being a premium outsourcing solution, and the following features distinguish MDPC from other players in the market:


  • Clients can try our service for 30 Calendar Days –  free of charge
  • All we need is SOP, log-in credentials and email setup.
  • All clients who have taken advantage of our free trial have become satisfied partners, with a 100% success rate.


  • Trusted Partner with zero client turnover due to MDPC performance
  • 100% Success Rate from free trial to implementation of new client
  • Continued improvement and growth
  • Our Manila operation consists of three different shifts, namely Day-Shift, Mid-Shift, and Night-Shift, to cater to clients in various time zones or those wanting a 24 hour operation
  • Servicing clients in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe
  • We excel at handling complex offsite tasks that our competitors refuse to undertake, which is why we are the premium service


  • The Managing Director, Tyler Maugle, is located in the Philippines, and the senior management team boasts over 80 years of collective experience in their respective industries
  • All staff have obtained Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration or Tertiary equivalent to meet the experience required in the field that they will represent within MDPC for their clients
  • Extensive Training of staff before deployment – usually in training for 4-8 weeks before being assigned a working role. They will start the Job with experience making the transition to new working roles seamless


  • Daily and Monthly Reports sent to client’s operators and Management team
  • Our pricing is standardised and neutral, applicable to clients of all sizes.
  • We seek to Understand the business process of our Clients and work with them to find efficiencies to streamline processes.
  • We are aware of the importance of our job in the Overall Performance of your company
  • We will treat your clients as our clients and you as our partner
  • If your resource is under utilised, we will actively seek additional tasks to increase the utilisation


  • At least 20 Backup/Implementation staff ready for role coverage or new implementation at the drop of a hat
  • We offer a Staff Back Up Service to our clients at no additional cost, covering sick leave and vacation leave. This ensures continuity of work even when your staff members are away, with a 99% coverage rate
  • Since March 2020, all employees have been working from home. While the office remains operational and accessible to management, it is primarily reserved as a workspace for clients and their teams during visits to our Manila location
  • All staff are issued with back up internet devices in the event their home internet is unavailable


  • Very Low Staff turnover rate due to our Family / Team Environment
  • Young, Vibrant and Mouldable Team that can accept any challenges thrown their way will step up when needed
  • We Do not have a boring workplace and we take care of our Employees
  • We foster employee engagement by organising quarterly team events and occasional virtual gatherings, which serve to promote our brand and cultivate our company culture


In summary, the following are reasons to choose MDPC as a premium outsourcing solution:

  • We offer a 30-Day Free Trial
  • We provide Professional Expertise
  • We have a Proven Track Record
  • We value Partnership
  • We have a Business Continuity Plan
  • We are Professional & Fun


We believe that once you experience our premium outsourcing service, you won’t look back, as evidenced by the satisfaction of our existing partners. Even if you are currently using another outsourcing provider, diversifying your risk by trying our service could be a wise move.


Contact us to get setup and start the FREE 30-Day trial now!