Why Work With MDPC Specialised Service. Partnership Quality.

There is plenty of competition in this space, there are companies performing similar services at a cheaper rate. We are not and will never be the cheapest option out there as our fees factor in many things which we believe separates MDPC Services from the rest as mentioned below:


  • Clients can try our service for 30 Calendar Days –  free of charge
  • All we need is SOP, log-in credentials and email setup.
  • All clients (100%) to date who have availed our Free Trial are now our Happy Partners!


  • Trusted Partner with zero client turnover due to MDPC performance
  • 100% Success Rate from free trial to implementation of new client
  • Continued Growth on existing accounts
  • Continued growth in USA and and started Night Shift operations in January 2019 to cater to All Northern Hemisphere Partners and Southern Hemisphere Partners whom want 24-hour operations
  • Started New Partnerships and further growth into Canadian Market since last 2018 and Netherlands since late 2021.
  • We take on Complex Offsite Tasks our competitors cannot handle


  • Managed & Controlled by Tyler Maugle in Manila for a minimum of 10 Months per year. He has been in the Freight & Customs Industry for over 20 years.
  • All staff have obtained Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration or Tertiary equivalent to meet the experience required in the field that they will represent within MDPC for their clients.
  • Extensive Training of staff before deployment – usually in training for 4-8 weeks before being assigned a working role. They will start the Job with experience making the transition to new working roles seamless.


  • Daily and Monthly Report sent to client’s operators and Management team
  • Rate neutral and is the same for Large or Small sized clients
  • We seek to Understand the business process of our Clients and work with them to find efficiencies to streamline processes.
  • We are aware of the importance of our job in the Overall Performance of your company
  • We treat your clients as our clients – we will treat you as our Partners and hope this to be reciprocal.
  • If your staff is under-resourced, we will seek further work to complete and if ongoing we will approach our clients’ Management team to seek additional work functions to give our clients max utilisation vs the fees they are paying each month.


  • Dedicated Backup staff on hand – 14 Support/Backup staff ready for coverage or new implementations at the drop of a hat.
  • 99% Staff Back Up Services without additional cost to clients – Covers Sick Leaves and Vacation Leave for our Clients Staff in Manila – Meaning even when your staff is away the work will be covered 99% of the time.
  • Emergency Backup Site in case of office unavailability – Plans to be up and running within 24 Hours in case of emergency.
  • Direct line Fiber Internet connection specifically installed to MDPC office with 99.7% guaranteed uptime by the Philippines’ largest service provider. Option to increase Bandwidth as required based on Business Growth.
  • Currently 100% Work from Home setup since March 16, 2020. Office is still functional and visited by Management. Will be a place for clients and their teams to work during Manila office visits.


  • Very Low Staff turnover rate due to our Family / Team Environment.
  • Young, Vibrant and Mouldable Team that can accept challenges thrown our way and will step up when needed.
  • Team First Mentality
  • We Do not have a boring workplace and we take care of our Employees
  • We have a Work hard, Play hard mentality

In Summation of why choose MDPC over others if considering Offshoring, we are fairly certain that whilst there are other services out there in the offshore Business space, there are none quite servicing their client’s business the way the MDPC does.

We offer partnership mentality when you work with us; care is taken to ensure that it happens smoothly; consultation is completed, and therefore, we have gone from 3 employees since we started in August 2015 with literally no website, no marketing material, no sales force in Australia, and now we have 130 employees serving our current partners.

Our growth has been based on Goodwill and work ethics from years of working with Clients, Proven results, Determination, Transparency, Honesty, Confidentiality, and overall trust in our service.

We would go as far as to say that if you are already enjoying the services of an offshore service provider, that once you try our services, you will not look back as we have real examples of this happening with existing clients. Even if you are utilising another offshore provider at the same time, it does not hurt to diversify your risk (Risk Aversion) and have 2 options, much like you would have at least two shipping lines to handle your freight.

Contact us to get setup and start the FREE 30-Day trial now!